Proud Leaders in Compliance Monitoring since 2001

The Inspections Group Inc. provides compliance monitoring services in the building, electrical, plumbing and gas disciplines throughout the Province of Alberta. We also provide approval of electrical, plumbing and gas equipment, fire and electrical accident investigations and related services. Our business is to provide Safety Codes Inspection Services to Municipalities, Corporations, Contractors and homeowners throughout the Province of Alberta. We strive to provide our customers with expertise and guidance at an unmatched level of excellence.

Our Safety Codes Officers are experienced and knowledgeable in all facets of the Safety Codes Act. We have implemented an intensive training program to keep current and improve the knowledge of our Safety Codes Officers in all related Codes, Regulations and Standards. Our Safety Codes Officers have over 800 years of combined experience in the inspection business. This extensive and varied experience is brought to bear on each project providing you, the customer, with the highest quality of inspection and consultation services.

We do inspections for